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Website Design

Custom websites that are SEO friendly and easy to update are our specialty. Give us a few days, and you’ll have a timeless website.


Nonprofits and politicians alike rely on fundraising. Both digital and direct mail can be powerful tools. We’re happy to walk you through the steps of a robust fundraiser!

Custom Graphics

Whether you need a logo, a quick graphic for social media, a letterhead, or a flyer for the telephone pole, we’ve got you covered. 

Great Features

Unique Design

The best part about working with an individual designer is that you get one-on-one attention. I’m always thrilled to take on a weird project that hasn’t been done before because it means together we get to create something completely new. Let’s break some ground!

Great Experience

I like people, they’re important

The best part about working in design and public relations is the connections you get to form with your clients. I can’t create quality work for you if I don’t know you! So over a cup of coffee, or a Skype call, I’ll make sure to get to know you.

Easy Access

As a freelancer, I make sure to have a flexible schedule so I’m always available. If there’s an emergency just shoot me a text, call, WhatsApp, email, iMessage, FaceTime, or smoke signal and I’ll be right on it!

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Previous Work

As a designer, production assistant, communications director, and more Zoey has built up a wealth of experience with well-known organizations and companies. Her favorites are mission driven.

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